FAQ: Where to find out how much memory is used in Visual DSP++ for Blackfin?

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I am using Blacfin DSP and Visula DSP++. I want to find out how much memory is used? and how much left ?



Is there anyway to locate a global variable's address in Visual DSP ++ environment ?







You can use the Linker Map File, generated by enabling the option "Project Options: Link: General: Generate Symbol Map" to view the used and remaining memory.After enabling this options and build, the linker will generate a project_name.map.xml file in the 'Debug' folder of your project which can be viewed in Internet Explorer.The section "Memory map of link project P0" in the map file contains Used words and Unused words in each memory section of your application.


Use the Expressions window to view the values of global Variables or expressions, which can be available under 'View->Debug Windows -> Expressions' in visualDSP++. You need to enter the global symbol name onto this window to view its values.The 'Name' and 'Value' columns are always visible.Other columns (Address, Type, Size, and Format) are can be choose by right clicking the expressions window -> Display.


Please also note that variables must have been defined (not just declared), or they will not appear in the debug windows.


For more information please refer the below VisualDSP++ help path:
VisualDSP++ help > contents > Graphical Environment > IDDE > Environment > Debug Windows > Expressions Window


Also please refer the below link: