FAQ: How Does CCES Node Locked Maintenance License Work

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Firstly please note that single-user node-locked maintenance license(AD-CCES-MNT-N1) is a maintenance license for Single user node locked license (AD-CCES-NODE-1) which means, a CrossCore Embedded Studio license includes one year of updates, upgrades and lifetime support. The optional annual maintenance provides access to updates and upgrades released during the maintenance period. Updates released after the maintenance period will not run until maintenance is renewed. Renewing maintenance provides instant access to all previous updates.


A user may install and use new versions of their product, and updates to it, only if they have an active subscription. If they try to install this in newer version of CCES update, when subscription has expired, it may throw an error.Subscription starts when a full license is activated, and ends one year from that date unless a maintenance license is purchase and activated, renewing the subscription period for a further year.


Subscription example: If a full license with a one year subscription interval is activated on September 1, 2017. This license can be used with products that have release dates up to and including September 1, 2018. To use new products with release dates beyond this date, the user needs to activate a new license. Note that you continue to use products that were released before the subscription ends even after the subscription itself has expired.


However this does not mean that you can not use the License Serial number any more.In fact, it is a Permanent license.


For more information please refer the following FAQ's:
FAQ: What is the difference between a license expiring, and a subscription ending? How do I renew a subscription?


Difference between CCES-NODE and CCES-MNT


If you want to transfer your node locked license from one machine to another machine, then the first step is to archive* the old registration.Then you can proceed with the One Step Registration process to register the license serial number with the new Hots ID as explained in the licensing guide available in the below link :


*For license archive request of old machines you can direct your mails to our private support at processor.tools.support@analog.com.


You can find the CCES license purchasing details from the below link:

For more information on pricing, please contact your local ADI sales office or distributor: