FAQ: How to change arm core heap size in ADSP-SC5xx?

Document created by Kader.M Employee on May 22, 2018
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By default the heap is declared to be of size 0x2000 bytes and is located in the linker section .heap which is placed in the MEM_L3 memory section.To replace the system heap, an instance of the heap object should be added to the application.


For example : To declare a heap of 0xA000 bytes


#include <stdint.h>


uint8_t __adi_heap_object[0xA000] __attribute__ ((section (".heap")));


Also please refer below CCES help path for more information:
CrossCore® Embedded Studio 2.6.0 > ARM® Development Tools Documentation > Cortex-A > Analog Devices ARM Toolchain Manual > Appendix A - Application Guidelines > Managing the Heap for ADSP-SC5xx ARM Cores