FAQ: Drivers for ADSP Blackfin dev kits for Windows 10

Document created by Kader.M Employee on May 22, 2018
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I cannot seem to get the drivers for my Blackfin dev kit (ADSP-BF533) to install on my Windows 10 machine. In Device Manager, selecting the folder with 'WmUsbIce.inf' does not work. Selecting 'ADI Development Tools' from the recommeneded list does not work either... Right-clicking 'WmUsbIce.inf' and clicking 'install' doesn't work either. 






Please check that the driver is installed properly by checking their computer 'Device Manager'. You should find the EZ-Board listed under 'CrossCore Tools'. Double-click on it to show the driver properties and ensure there are no issues listed.


If the EZ-Board is not listed,then problems with the drivers, Please try reinstalling the drivers. The driver may be found in the "Emu_Drivers" directory in the top directory of the CCES installation. By default this is located at the following path:
<install_dir>\CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.x.x\Setup\Emu_Drivers\


Also please refer "Installing and Troubleshooting Drivers" in below Troubleshooting Guide:


In order to accurately determine the cause of issue, can I please ask you to answer the following questions –


Does the ICE Test utility run successfully or does it fail at any point? If the Test fails, please provide us with a screenshot showing the ICE Test results.


Please ensure that you are you connecting to the EZ-KIT via a USB port native to your PC, if you are using a USB hub, can you try connecting the USB cable from the EZ-KIT directly to the PC. If you are connecting directly to a USB port then try connecting to a different USB port.


Can you please confirm that you are using custom board or an EZ-KIT? Also confirm that you are using Debug agent to connect the board.


Do you have another target board you can use to connect? Does the target board still behave the same way? Do you still encounter the same error messages?


Please read through our Emulator Troubleshooting Guide and let us know the results of the troubleshooting steps it advises.
Please refer to the below EE note for CCES.


Please refer "CCES Install and Session Startup" & "Jumper and Switch Settings" in the below system evaluation manual: