ACE File format for importing filters

Document created by brianharrington Employee on May 16, 2018
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We recently got the following question from a customer.


I am using the following setup:


- ADA2200SDP-EVALZ  revision C

- EVAL-SDP-CB1Z  Revision 1.3

- ACE Software  Version 1.9.2639.1092


I’m trying to setup a Custom IIR Filter. The ACE software accepts a .txt file in the “IIR Coefficients File Path” section, at which I could place my own coefficients. But how does this file has to look like in terms of formatting and order? I could not find any information regarding this in the ADA2200 datasheet. I have also read the MT-234 file but it didn’t helped me either. Thank you in advance.



The files are formatted as:

Reg#  value



Reg# - is the register number as a decimal value.

Value – is the decimal register value.


So, to place into register 0x0011 the value 0xC0.  The file would contain:

17  192


I have attached a file as an example.  This file contains the coefficients from BP1 explained in MT-234.