High-Speed Digital Signal Processing Designs

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SED Creates High-Speed Digital Processing DesignsSED Creates High-Speed Digital Signal Processing Designs


SED offers high-speed embedded design services ranging from OEM products to hardware reference designs.  Our logic/software expertise is built upon extensive communication product design experience and 50+ years in business.  SED has a solid portfolio of existing hardware, software and firmware designs – providing a solid technical baseline for new high-speed signal processing product developments. 


Our work is based on proven designs, algorithms and customer requirements, minimizing implementation risk and reducing time to market.  Existing designs range up to 20 Gbps Ethernet interfaces, 100Gbps onboard internal communication and >10Gbps JESD204B interfaces.


SED supports and has completed designs for complex Digital Signal Processing modulators and receivers that support modulation rates over 4096 QAM, data rates up to 2Gbps, and multiple access receivers.  Complex signal processing elements are designed in Matlab, simulated, converted to a fixed point design and then implemented on hardware.  


Careful consideration of design and elements that can impact design performance of the signal are crucial. From quantization to impairments of component selections, all must be analyzed to ensure a successful design. SED uses state-of-the-art design and simulation tools to help ensure circuits will operate as intended, prior to prototyping hardware.  Hardware design tools include DxDesigner for schematic design and PADS Power PCB for board layout.  High-speed I/O and PCB designs simulation software include both HyperLynx from Mentor Graphics and ADS from Keysight. Mechanical and thermal analysis is done using Inventor and Sherlock to ensure a reliable solution is designed.


Through our experience in developing a variety of unique products, we’ve refined our ability to design to meet strict NRE and recurring cost targets.  We understand that meeting key targets with a quality product delivered in a timely manner is key to our customers.

When developing new high-speed embedded solutions, SED assembles a dedicated team of engineers for the project.  The team is responsible for the work from initial requirements definition through to validation and customer acceptance.  Our team follows a structured and methodical design process consisting of analyzing the requirements, generating and validating the product architecture, implementing the hardware, firmware and software designs, plus defining and executing a suitable test/validation program. We leverage the extensive use of modelling and simulation tools to validate our algorithms and design concepts.  Our design approach is to leverage new technologies and platforms that will help maximize the life of the design, accommodate future requirements and minimize obsolescence issues. 


SED hosts an on-site manufacturing facility, co-located with engineering and design staff.  This allows our team to not only quickly and efficiently prototype new developments, but also handle all recurring manufacturing requirements.  Our highly trained manufacturing staff can rapidly process small to medium sized jobs, reducing your time to market.  Additional services SED offers include addressing certification testing including safety, EMC/EMI and other specific requirements.  We also provide warranty and long-term support once your product has been delivered.

SED is your trusted embedded solutions provider, contact us today to learn how we can help.