Anomaly (05-00-0495) affecting ADSP-BF50x revision 0.0

Document created by WassimB Employee on Mar 23, 2011
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With regards to the ADSP-BF50x anomaly describing Idd-deepsleep being up to 42 mA over the specification (05-00-0495), can any more details be provided?  Can the problem be avoided?  What silicon revision does this anomaly apply to? Will it be fixed in the next silicon revision?




The excessive current only affects ADSP-BF50x silicon revision 0.0.


This issue is correlated with the following factors:

  • Vddint: Idd-deepsleep increases at higher Vddint
  • Temperature: Powering up the device at low temperature and later increasing the operating temperature leads to higher leakage currents.


The factors leading to the elevated static current are variable, and the magnitude of the extra current introduced is random. Therefore, we cannot provide guidance regarding how to avoid this issue. However, a fix was identified and will be incorporated into the next ADSP-BF50x silicon revision.