HydraQAM - Offering 128 QAM Channels from a Single Card

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SED's HydraQAM Offers 128 QAM Channels from a Single Card

HydraQAM Offers 128 QAM Channels from a Single Card



The SED Systems HydraQAM is a 128 channel, high-density PCIe QAM modulator card offering compelling value on a per QAM basis, while also providing a path to full CCAP densities and DOCSIS 3.1.


HydraQAM is designed for power efficiency and optimal thermal management for easy integration into systems and products. The design is a small form factor PCIe card, ready to fit in many existing products and ideal for CMTS, CCAP, and video EdgeQAM products.


The HydraQAM is an FPGA based design, allowing flexibility for future upgrades and improvements.  


Advanced DSP algorithms, wideband RF components, and efficient power supply components enable this powerful module to fill the entire cable spectrum up to 1GHz. Each QAM channel has individual channel gain and frequency agility, it supports the ITU J.83 Annex A/B/C and it also complies with DOCSIS DRFI RF specifications.


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