FAQ: Looking for a USB peripheral mode code example for Sharc SC584

Document created by Kader.M Employee on Mar 6, 2018
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You need to have USB stack in order to use the USB drivers provided in the CCES installation.

Currently Analog Devices provides the µC/USB Device(tm) Stack for CrossCore® Embedded Studio which is based on Micrium USB Stack.This is a licensed product. For more information please refer here<http://www.analog.com/en/design-center/processors-and-dsp/evaluation-and-development-software/adswp-ucusbd.html#dsp-overview>.


We provide the required "STDIO redirection over USB" example in USB Device Vendor Class<http://download.analog.com/tools/uC-USBDevice/Releases/Release_2.6.0/ADI_uCUSBD_Class_Vendor-Rel2.6.0.exe> product.

adi_stdio_OpenDevice() function will just open the stdio service to be used for USB and there are other functions which you may need to call to redirect the STDIO operations to USB.

STDIO service is just a wrapper layer and you need to define the lower layer functions in order to handle the USB operations.