FAQ: Can't debug ADSP-SC589 examples.

Document created by Kader.M Employee on Feb 6, 2018
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I'm trying to get a new ADSP-SC589 EZKit board up and running with CCES 2.5.1. The preload file is loaded, followed by files for all three cores. "Load Complete" is reported for all files. But, at that point, nothing else happens. All of the debug related icons and reset/restart/step menu options are grayed out. I can't seem to get the debugger to do anything. Can anyone help me out?






Please follow the below steps:


1) Open ThreeCore_SC589 example project.


2) Build the project.


3) Select Debug As > Select Processor ADSP-SC589 > Select Emulator > Select ADSP-SC589 via ICE-1000 > Select core2 dxe from the PC (Please note that while configuring the debug session the core2 dxe does not configured automatically. Click on 'Edit' to add a dxe to the second core. In the 'Program' section, use 'Browse' to search the PC for the dxe(Image1)) > Apply > Debug.


4) Select core0 and click resume(Image2).


5) Select core1 and click resume(Image3).


6) Select core2 and click resume(Imgae4).


Now you can see the output.


Also please refer the below linked FAQ and see if it helps you :
FAQ: Debugging on ADSP-SC58x / ADSP-2158x Targets