FAQ: Driver not found for adsp-21489 ez-kit lite

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When I connect adsp-21489 ez-kit lite to my PC drivers are not automatically installed and this board is not begin detected by CCES. I have tried steps as mentioned in this link http://www.analog.com/media/en/engineering-tools/design-tools/DriverInstallationProblem.pdf . But still the problem exists, from where I can get the drivers for ADSP-21489 EZ KitLite board






The driver file for this EZ-KIT Lite, if the Hardware Wizard does not automatically find it, is located in the CCES installation directory at "...\Setup\Emu_Drivers". This driver covers all of our Emulators and RoHS compliant "ADZS" EZ-KIT Lites.


If the EZ-Board is not listed or they are having problems with the drivers, Please try reinstalling the drivers.The driver (WmUsbIce.sys for 32-Bit machines) and (WmUsbIce64.sys for 64-Bit machines) may be found in the "Emu_Drivers" directory in the directory of the CCES installation. By default this is located at the following path:<installation Drive>:\Analog Devices\CrossCore Embedded Studio> x.x.x\Setup\Emu_Drivers


Please refer "Installing and Troubleshooting Drivers " in below Troubleshooting Guide:


Please note that in CCES support for the 21489 EZ-KIT Lite within the driver was not added until CCES 1.0.1.


Also please have a look at the below link:
FAQ – Can’t connect to target via emulator after upgrading to CCES 1.1.0


Please ensure that pins 1 & 2 of JP1 are populated on the SADA board.