FAQ: Evaluating ADIS17001 Module - Hardware, Software Requirements

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In order evaluate the ADIS17001 vision sensing module, you need to acquire the below:



ADIS17001 kit components:

1. ADIS1700x Vision-Sensing Camera Module withADI17001x / ADI17002x tag

2. Micro USB Interposer board

3. USB cable

4. ICE-1000 USB-based JTAG Emulator

5. 67° FOV and 110° HFOV Lenses



SnapSensorLibrary Demonstration Suite

adSnapSensor-EDK-v1.0.0.zip: (contains “SnapSensorLibrary_Demo.msi”)


Note: Additionally, the DEV (development) package adSnapSensor-DEV-v1.0.0.zip is also available.

This development package gives additional flexibility to the user to build sample applications, change the ADVS200x parameters, including R/W them in to a file etc. For more information, please refer to the user guides supplied with the packages.


The contents in Demo & Development packages are as below:

 ADVS200x Demo Application – an application that demonstrates the capability of the ADVS200x sensor. 
 ADIS1700x Demo Application – an interface to interact with the ADIS1700x device.
 Device Re-programmer Application – an application that allows the user to reprogram a device through the USB.
 Console Apps – Examples applications which enables the user to develop applications to communicate with the

ADIS1700x unit over the USB from Windows host. This includes functionality for updating firmware, creating and capturing video and downloading device info.


In addition to the above, the DEV (development) package contains the following:
• Code samples which is available at C:\Analog Devices\SnapSensorLibray\Lib
 ADVS200xParametersEditor Application – an application that allows the user to edit the ADVS200x configuration parameter and read and write the ADVS200x parameters to a file.
 ImgSeqFileViewer Application – an application that allows the user to open a video file (ImgSeqFile) and browse its contents. 
 NamedValueFileViewer Application – application that allows the user to open a named value file (such as the parameters file) and browse its contents


Please check this link for more details on  www.analog.com/adis17001


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