New Profiles: What's Changed?

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This week we're going to be upgrading the profile to the newest version. So you might be asking, what will change?


Right now, your profile looks like this:



When you first click on View Profile, you're taken to the Overview page which highlights your profile fields, your connections, skills and expertise and photos. From there, you can dive deeper by viewing your Activity, Content, People, Places, etc. As you continue to scroll you can see more information like badges, top contacts, featured places, top contacts, just to name a few.


This week we will be updating the profile page and it will look like this: 




We added the ability to specify a bold banner image that can be used to better communicate who you are.


Profile Header

This area includes several key items - the main user details, profile photo, and actions. These are fields that have always been visible to registered users.


We now show your avatar as the photo front and center in your profile. This will help people recognize who you are in the community since the avatar is what they see whenever you create or interact with content and in streams.



This is a drop down menu where interactions with the profile you're viewing can take place from. You can do things such as give a badge, communication via direct message, download their user details via vcard, and more!



The ability to see all your points is located near the top of the banner and is clickable to take you to the rewards board. 

Profile Field Detail

All the public profile fields as specified by the community manager are shown in the profile. Whereas before you needed to click and expand an area to see the details, now all will be shown when viewing the profile.



This is still able to be viewed and interacted with as it always has been only now it's in the left side bar below the org chart.


Photo Area

Even though the top profile picture is now your avatar, all your existing photos still exist untouched and are in a showcase area called recent images.


Featured Content

If you want to feature an FAQ or document and help steer other community members to those items you feel are important, simply click "feature on profile" under the Actions menu when viewing the content, and it will show up in the featured content area - the first thing users see on the right side of the profile below the header.

Top Content

Prominently displayed will be the content that is most relevant between you and the person who is viewing your profile. We leverage our recommender that takes into account social signals from across the community and determines the most relevant content to showcase you based on the work you're doing, viewing habits, and what others like you have viewed.


Recent Activity

This area is below top content and we also leverage the recommender to show the most relevant activity the user has done recently. This follows the same similar algorithm as talked about with top content only would be based on that user's activity happening in the community.


Most Liked

This shows the top content the user being viewed has liked.


Recent Rewards has been moved right below most liked area and there are links to go to the rewards board and leader board.

The Insights Tab

You can use Personal Insights to gain visibility into your community contributions. Personal Insights provides analytics for the content you have created for your community. We derive this data from your event activities in your community, and base it on any activity that you have engaged in. You can use this feature to gauge how the community responds to your content, and to see your activity all in one place.



Reaching the Community
Personal Reach, Global Impact, and Sentiment summarize your effect on the community, how well you contribute, and reactions to your contributions using data from the past 12 months.

Understanding Interactions
To calculate your interactions, Personal Insights uses your social actions with other community members, and averages those using weighted metrics.

Characterizing a Profile Type
Your overall profile type status and pie chart are based on the level of different participation types that you engaged in during a month

Participant: search for, share or tag content, follow, bookmark or comment

Contributor: create or move content

Consumer: Login, download, view

Visualizing Your Impact
The Personal Impact section of your Personal Insights lets you see your monthly tally of content created, likes given, content shared, views received, likes received, and helpful answers received. 
All content is used for this calculation.

Tracking Popular Content
Popular content is content that evokes the most reactions. You can sort content by the top 20 most views, comments, likes, or shares.

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