ADIS16488A Datasheet: ~CS Logic 0 Input Current Specification

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TITLEADIS16488A Datasheet: ~CS Logic 0 Input Current Specification

ADIS16488A Datasheet

LOCATIONTable 1 - Logic 0 Input Current Specification

Based on the current specifications, the Logic 0 Input Current specification for the chip select (~CS) pin is 10uA.

We have recently discovered that Logic 0 Input Current for the chip select (~CS) pin should be 0.33mA 


In the next revision of this datasheet, two changes will help clarify what developers can expect:

  1. Add the ~CS pin to the exception, which is currently in place for the reset pin, ~RST. 
    NOTE: the graphic at the bottom of this list illustrates what this update will likely be. Click on the image to access this view with better resoltuion
  2. Add a footnote to explain that this current level comes from internal 10kohm pull-up resistors