ADIS16223 Datasheet Errors

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DOCUMENT ADIS16223 Datasheet, Rev. 0
LOCATION Pages 15, 16 (PDF file page numbers, which are different than those at the bottom of each page)

With the help of StephanB, we have identified two typos in this datasheet, which both relate to the 16-bit command codes that trigger the GLOB_CMD[4] (clear DIAG_STAT flags) and GLOB_CMD[2] (self-test) routines. Please see the following graphics, which highlight the area of error and offer the correct information, in red.

Page 14 (click on image for higher-resolution view):


Page 15 (click on image for higher-resolution view):

RESOLUTIONThese typos will be fixed in the next revision of the datasheet (Rev. A), which we expect to be online by 11/15/2017.
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