Enabling two USB Hosts on sc589 ezkit

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From the sc58x datasheet we can see the sc589 processor can support two USB host ports: 


Both the current Linux code (1.1.0) and ezkit HW are assuming that USB HS DEVICE port (p11 on the board) is used in peripheral mode, which makes the sc589 ezkit to work as a USB device like mass storage. To make it work in the HOST mode, we will do some changes from both hardware and software.


Hardware changes :

Mount a 0 Ohm resistor on R354 to get USB1_VBUS up, also need to double check P23 is short.

Software changes :

Apply the below changes from the device tree file to set USB1 to host mode. 

       --- arch/arm/boot/dts/sc58x-ezkit-hpc_orig.dts     2017-06-29 16:01:13.179056352 +0800

        +++ arch/arm/boot/dts/sc58x-ezkit-hpc.dts    2017-06-29 15:59:01.959056366 +0800

        @@ -271,7 +271,7 @@

                interrupt-names = "mc", "dma";

                spu_securep_id = <154>;


        -       mode = <2>;

        +       mode = <1>; //host mode

                mentor,multipoint = <1>;

                mentor,num-eps = <16>;

                mentor,ram-bits = <12>;


Now we should be able to connect a USB device, for example USB memory stick to p11 and test it.


Known issue:

After modification the second USB port(p11) does not support hogplug, in further investigation.