Power Quality Monitoring

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A Power Quality Monitoring System can be an important tool to provide useful information, minimize down time, and aid in troubleshooting by continuously monitoring the utility power "state of health".  The data from such a system could include monitoring of:

  • Voltages and currents
  • Real and apparent powers
  • Power factor
  • Harmonics
  • Temperature and humidity

The Power Quality Monitoring System can also provide:

  • Waveform streaming
  • Data Logging
  • Reporting of power system events
  • Server shutdown and rebooting

The benefits of implementing a Power Quality Monitoring System include:

  • Lower utility costs can be achieved by a control scheme that executes power system adjustments based upon monitoring and reporting of critical parameters such as Power Factor and Harmonics.  A lower Power Factor will increase the cost of energy.  High Harmonics can cause overheating of key components and increase energy cost.
  • The ability to track data and identify problematic values, such as increased temperature, lowered Power Factor, or increased Harmonics due to equipment aging, and to identify which equipment is at fault can provide early warnings so that corrective actions can be taken.

Tecnova has extensive experience with Analog Devices metering ICs, including designing systems that:

  • Use a variety of voltage and current sensors
  • Single-phase or three-phase applications
  • Energy metering and Power Quality Monitoring
  • Designed to meet the regulatory criteria, including UL, National Electrical Code, and CE.

Most importantly, in addition to designing a custom solution to meet your exact needs, Tecnova can manufacture your system in-house at a lower cost than an off-the-shelf product, which may provide features (and cost) that you don't need or that may lack key features you want.


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