What is People Counter?

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People Counter software on BLIP is an ideal solution to get data related to people entering and exiting a specified area. People Counter product counts the number of entries and exits of people in a specified area based on the direction of movement. By counting and reporting the number of people by this product, when coupled with powerful business analytics can enable multiple applications such as retail analytics, footfall measurement in malls, counting at building entrances, counting in a bus and zones of Interest. The product operates in real time, fully embedded to run on edge in the BLIP. The various connectivity options on SPI/UART/Wi-Fi provides users with options to couple it with multiple end systems and also enable services on cloud. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to use, install and configure the system.


Some of the features of People Counter are as given below:

  • Vision based sensor to count number of people entering or exiting an area of interest. Counts bi-directionally.
  • High performance software that runs on real-time on VGA resolution captured at 30 frames per second
  • Analytics completely embedded on edge device (i.e. BLIP) with no processing required to happen on cloud or other host device
  • Accurate counting (~85%) in low to medium density scenarios 
  • Image processing and Machine learning algorithms minimizes reflections or shadow problems
  • Multiple connectivity options to send the output metadata over UART, SPI and Wi-Fi. Open, documented protocol helps in seamless integration to other microcontroller or host devices on SPI/UART.
  • The product supports a demo quality cloud connectivity to ThingWorx cloud over WiFi. The metadata pushed to the Cloud from this product can enable services to provide powerful business analytic tools and reporting
  •  Easy to use GUI application for installation, visualization, evaluation and configuration
  • Recording Option in GUI in avi format which can be played back from standard video players.

Note: Please note that Wi-Fi connectivity is provided as an example only, customers are expected to choose their own Wi-Fi module and modify/replace this example software based on their application.

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