FAQ: What are the different types of licenses for CrossCore Embedded Studio?

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What are the different types of licenses for CrossCore Embedded Studio?



There are four types of licenses that are used by CrossCore Embedded Studio:

  • Evaluation license
  • Full license
  • EZ-Kit license
  • Add-in license


Evaluation license:

An Evaluation license gives you full access to CrossCore Embedded Studio for 90 days. After 90 days the user cannot use CrossCore Embedded Studio unless they purchase a Full license or use an EZ-Kit license from a qualifying EZ-Kit (see EZ-Kit license).


Full license:

A Full license gives you full access to CrossCore Embedded Studio. The access does not expire after a given time period. A Full license is subscription based. It has a one year subscription, meaning that for the first year of use the developer can upgrade to a newer version of CrossCore Embedded Studio. After the first year the user can no longer upgrade CrossCore Embedded Studio but they still have full access to the version they have.


EZ-Kit license:

An EZ-Kit license has all the same features as a Full license except for the following items:

  • It is restricted to just the EZ-Kit it came with. No other hardware is supported, custom or otherwise (i.e. a different EZ-Kit).
  • It only works with the emulator shipped with the EZ-Kit, ICE-1000. The Simulator is not licensed via an EZ-Kit.


An EZ-Kit license is subscription based just like the Full license.


The current EZ-Kits that are supported by EZ-Kit licenses are:








Add-in License:

Add-in licenses (or Middleware) allows you to use the different Add-ins that can be purchased for use with CrossCore Embedded Studio. Each Add-in has its own license and only works for the Add-in it comes with. The license will not work for a different type of Add-in. For how many Add-ins a user has they will need to install a separate license for each Add-in.


Not all Add-ins require a license. For a list of Add-ins that require a license please refer to FAQ: Is a separate license required to use one of the CrossCore Embedded Studio Add-Ins?

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