Can SigmaDSP do frequency-domain processing like FFT or pitch shift?

Document created by BrettG on Dec 6, 2010
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The SigmaDSP processors up to the current generation do  stream-oriented processing, otherwise known as sample-by-sample  processing. This means that a sample is input and output at a rate equal  to the sample rate, and those samples are processed sequentially.


In order to do pitch-shift or other frequency-domain processing, an FFT or DFT is  required. This cannot be accomplished easily using stream-oriented DSP  hardware, because the DSP core architecture is not well-suited to join the samples  into blocks and perform frequency-domain processing.  For this reason, pitch-shift effects are not possible on current  SigmaDSP processors.


If your application requires pitch-shift or other  frequency-domain processing, consider using a Sharc or Blackfin, both of which are capable of frequency-domain processing and have these code libraries readily available.