Enabling Product-Specific Push Notifications from analog.com Web Site

Document created by jobo23 Employee on Sep 6, 2016
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The analog.com web site can be used to enable push notifications to subscribers when technical collateral related to their registered interests gets updated/generated, thus enabling customers to receive critical information in a timely fashion. For example, any time a processor datasheet, manual, or anomaly list gets updated, a notification will go to all subscribers on a weekly basis.  Similarly, if an application note is released in support of a particular product, subscribers will receive a notification of that as well. To enable this valuable feature, an analog.com user simply needs to:


1> Navigate to any product page and click the "+ My Analog" link to the far right in the navigation bar at the top (either open a myAnalog account or sign in to myAnalog, if prompted).

2> In the myAnalog pop-out, click the link to "Turn on Email Notifications" and configure your myAnalog account to enable push notifications for the content types you wish to monitor.