LBA module: Event Control

Document created by SachinV Employee on Apr 29, 2016
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   LBA module doesn't generate interrupts and triggers directly. The interrupt, trigger slave and trigger master signals are connected to SYS_IN and SYS_OUT signals of LBA module along with some peripheral input and output signals. These connections are fixed in design . Please refer to HRM for more details on the connection.


   Using these connections,

  1.  LBA output can be routed to interrupt control unit, a level high output of LBA module will generate the interrupt. 

  2.  LBA output can be connected to Trigger slave devices, a rising edge on LBA output will trigger the slave devices.

  3.  LBA outputs can be internally routed to Counter module so that Outputs of LBA can be counted.

  4. A Timer Output and Trigger Master signals are connected to SYS_IN pins so that they can be used for synthesizing logic for the event control.