FAQ: What are the major feature in the TTU Unit ( Trigger Timing Unit) on ADSP-CM41x processor

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TTU ( Trigger Timing Unit) provides a way to generate event trigger signals to Trigger Routing Unit ( TRU)  with precise timing relationship. It extends the capability provided by the Trigger Routing Unit to initiate peripheral activity without the core involvement. Using the TTU in conjunction with TRU Unit can provide the capability to not only initiate peripheral activity but also do it at precisely timed relationship.


The TTU has the following features:

  • 16 Trigger master output with independent time offsets( delays)
  • 8 timing counter with 24-bit SYSCLK resolution with independent trigger slave inputs
  • 4 Counter and Each counter can operate in single shot more or periodic mode providing greater flexibility to do continuous peripheral processing
  • Programmable delay


Sequence Diagram

A simplistic trigger sequence is as follows.

Trigger Master  -> TTU Trigger Slave  -> TTU Trigger master -> Trigger Slave

  • Any Trigger masters can be routed to any or all (0-8) TTU Trigger Input Slave
  • Delayed TTU Trigger Out Master based on the delay counter used can be then usedto trigger any Trigger Slave in the System



Trigger Master and Trigger Slaves are mentioned in Trigger Routing Unit (TRU) chapter of CM41x Hardware Reference Manual

Featured of TTU are discussed in detail in the Trigger Timing Unit( TTU) chapter of CM41x Hardware Reference Manual

CM41x Hardware Reference Manual