How can I boot an ADSP-21584 based SHARC application on an ADSP-SC584 part?

Document created by Mitesh Employee on Apr 26, 2016
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Since the ADSP-SC584 part expects ARM to boot up first, we may still need to use an ADSP-SC584 dummy ARM core project to generate the loader file. The dummy ARM project is required to bring the SHARC cores out of reset during booting. The code runs from L2 and is provided as

“Dummy_ARM_Code_Core0”. The attachment also contains two sample ADSP-21584 projects which toggle two DAI pins (DAI1_PIN5 on SHARC core 1 and DAI1_PIN7 on SHARC core 2). Please make sure that the SHARC1 code has the following modifications in the ldf file for the boot to work successfully (refer DAI_Toggle_Core1 code) - this is to make sure that the SHARC cores doesn't conflict with the L2 memory being used by ARM core.



After that, you just need to create the loader file for the Dummy_ARM_Code_Core0 project in standard manner for ADSP-SC584 project. Please take care of the following points:


1. Use ARM based init code for CGU and DMC initialization (see screenshot below). The CCES default init code can be modified as per customized requirements to do so. The application note EE-387 discusses steps to do that.


2. Select dummy ARM executable for ARM core and ADSP-21584 based executables for the SHARC cores as shown in the screenshot below.

After that, load the ldr file generated in to the SPI FLASH.