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What is In the Zone?

In the Zone is a recognition program that recognizes and rewards members for their contributions in the EngineerZone (EZ) community using points, levels, profile badges and prizes. Community members will see quests to complete in their profiles and In the Zone as soon as they log in, and will keep seeing progress and "level-ups" as they complete strategy levels over time.


Why should I participate?

Help to create a more robust community by promoting content creation, community interaction and user feedback. Boost your community reputation, compete with co-workers, see how you personally impact the community and win prizes.


Who is eligible?

All registered members may participate.


What is the difference between points, badges, levels and quests?

Points: Many things people do in a community, like creating a document, commenting on someone else's post or marking an answer correct, will automatically earn you some points: this is built-in. You can also earn points for activities other people do, like following you or liking a post you created. A person's point total is always visible on their profile.


Levels: At a certain point accumulation, people acquire a new level. Notification of a new level is delivered in Latest Acclaim, along with information about the point totals for other users who are close to the same level. Your current level is always shown at the top of the profile page and on hover cards.

EngineerZone Levels:

0-99 Novice

100-249 Academic

250-499 Scholar

500-999 Intellect

1,000-1,999 Leader

2,000-2,999 Captain

3,000-4,999 Commander

5,000-7,499 Mastermind

7,500-9,999 Genius

10,000-14,999 Wunderkind

15,000-19,999 Hawking

20,000+ Einstein


Badges: A badge is a visual indication that a user has completed an activity inside or outside the community. Badges are shown on the user profile and provide information about a person's awards and achievements. Badges can be earned through activity or granted manually by a Rewards admin. Every quest and strategy quest has a badge associated with it. Most badges are earned once.


Top Expert Badges: All actions within EZ are tied to a business strategy. For example, having your answer marked correct contributes to the Support strategy. At the end of 30 days the top users in each strategy get an expert badge that highlights their contributions to the community and provides them with a rare token of expertise.


Quests: Quests are sets of specific activities that earn a badge and points for the user who completes them. Unlike regular point activities, quests can be pinpointed to specific content, people, or places. A quest can be completed and rewarded only once. Quests a user is engaged with and newly created quests are shown on the user profile in the Rewards Summary.


Missions: Missions are preconfigured rule sets that focus on specific types of activity and award a leveled badge that increments over time. Missions are always associated with a Strategy, also known as a business value focus. Missions reward growth in a specific area of activity: every time a user earns enough points from mission activities, the badge number goes up a level (and the user gets a point bonus). When you use this community to create, communicate, and collaborate, almost all your activities earn points. Missions are patterns of activity that show off your expertise, so you can level up in that area.  Users are alerted in the Inbox when they complete an activity in a mission, and in activity streams when they reach a new level.


To view all missions and quests available to you, click on See More Rewards Progress.


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