ADIS16210 Resolution

Document created by NevadaMark Employee on Mar 31, 2016
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Is the resolution dependent on the sample rate settings in this product?


Yes, it is.  The ADC inside of the ADIS16210 provides 12-bits of resolution, but a number of factors (raw sensor offset variation, sensitivity variation, etc) prevent complete use of the dynamic range so the effective number of bits is actually less than 12-bits.  The 16-bit data path enables resolution enhancement by capturing the bit growth associated with the averaging/decimating function, which also provides sample rate control in "powers of two."  In the following table, the "Effective Resolution" illustrates how many of bits will be in use, with respect to each sample rate setting in the AVG_CNT register. 


Output Data RateEffective Resolution
0512>11 bits
1256>12 bits
2128>13 bits

>14 bits

432>15 bits
51616 bits


We hope that this helps!