HMC-ABH241 : Die Related- Queries

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Find both Q&A below. 


1. We only show decoupling for one side of the die. The top side in the view
below has the same supply pads. Is decoupling only on one side required and can
it be either side?
Yes the supplies only on south or north side can be used; hence CAPs only one

2. The main reason he’s asking is since he wants to use 2 of these in parallel
to increase the total output power. Thus, something like this
Caps on top of this one

Caps on bottom of this one

3. Can we offer some expertise on combining in this manner? How to connect the
They will probably implement some coupler or Wilkinson type power combiner
topology for power combining. That area is not our expertise, probably they now
better than we do, and many literature on the web.

4. We note the use of RFIN/RFOUT ribbon. He asked if he could use 2-3 bond
wires instead as ribbon is not typical in their assemblies.
I told him likely not as at these 55+GHz frequencies, the inductance and skin
effect would likely be issues using bond wires. Even at 60 GHz, 2-3 bond wires
can be used instead ribbon, it is possible.  But there may be some performance
changes. Performance given on the DS plots can be best matched by using DS