REF01: Long term drift

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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I have selected the REF01AJ or
REF01AZ which should be ok for my application. However, I cannot find the
information regarding long term stability. Please could you forward it to me
for standard and /883C versions ?


There is no guaranteed or typical long term stability spec available for the
REF01, and as you can imagine it isn't possible to measure one easily because
it takes a long time to carry out the test.

The best indication that I can give you is based on a similar part which was
released around the same time as the REF01. The REF05 part has a guaranteed
long term drift spec of 100ppm/1000hours. They are both band gap references and
have a very similar structure. The only difference is that the REF01 has a 10V
output and the REF05 has a 5V output. The difference is acheived simply by
changing the resistor values internally on the chip.

Therefore I conclude that the typical values of long term drift for the REF05,
are similar to the typical values you can expect on the REF01 and the
guaranteed maximum values of long term drift should be the worst case values
that you would see for the majority of REF01 parts. Of course since we don't
test the long term stability for the REF01, we cannot guarantee the maximum
long term drift specification.