OP281: Supply voltage

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Yes, this will work fine.
You can use dual supplies at up about to +/- 7 volts.
Absolute maximum rating would be +/- 8 volts from the specifications on page 5
of the Revision B datasheet
but differential input voltage (the signal) should not exceed +/- 3.5 volts ,
even with high supply voltages.


I want to use OP281/OP481 operational amplifier in my device, but I'm sure
about the supply voltages allowed by these parts. My device work with +-3V and
I need to supply the OP281/OP481 with the same voltage supply. I've read the
data sheet of this operational amplifier, but I don't have clear if it accepts
dual supply... Can I supply the operational amplifier with +-3V (VCC terminal
to +3V and VSS terminal to -3V) or the only possibility is +3V (and the VSS
terminal connected to ground)?