OP293: Available as bare die

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I require an op-amp with a fairly basic electrical spec but it must be
available in die form for incorporation onto a microwave substrate in a sealed
module.  It must operate from a single +5v supply and the input voltage range
should extend down to ground.  Inputs applied will each be in the range 10mv to
1v, and the two inputs will be within 200mV of each other.  The amp will be
required to amplify the difference between the inputs to something of the order
of 2v.  All these figures are DC and only slowly-varying.  No significant AC
performance is needed (bandwidth under 10kHz).  Input offset is unimportant as
long as it is stable.  Temperature range is -40 to +125 degC.  What can you


Only a limited range of our op-amps are available as standard in die form and
many of those are older parts, the only one that I can find that might be
suitable and is available with 5V single supply in the temperature range you
require is the OP293 (OP293GBC) or the quad op-amp OP491.

In some cases, depending on volume and application, we may make die available
on some of our ICs - but this requires considerable resources both in terms of
documentation and test time/fixtures. Therefore, it doesn't happen very often.
Any arrangements for this would have to be channeled via you local ADI sales

We do add additional parts to the available die range on a regular basis so for
the latest information on bare die available from Analog Devices, consult our
website, the following is current listing of available die: