HMC904LC5 attenuation above specified frequency

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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I'm writing you because I need an information about the HMC904LC5 I/Q Down
Converter. Please, could you give me the attenuation value at 29GHz? In the
datasheet I can see that the chip gain 10dB (more or less) at 24GHz, but I need
to know this value at 29GHz too. Do you have this information?


The MHC904LC5 is only specified up to 24 GHz. Your request is beyond the spec
of the part. You are asking for conversion gain at 29 GHz however there is a
strong concern that there will be more than just gain degradations but also
linearity and noise. Looking at the plots on the datasheet, the noise figure
and IP3 degrades beyond 24 GHz so it will only get even worst at 29 GHz. The
HMC portfolio has other I/Q downconverters with higher bandwidths.