Can the RF and LO ports of HMC773 be swapped?

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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Can the RF and LO ports of HMC773 be swapped?


In general yes, the RF and the LO ports of HMC773 can be swapped but strictly
abiding to the parameters w.r.t the targeted application. In a typical customer
case requirements like below:
The RF in frequency range: 6-18 GHz.
The RF out (IF) frequency range: 2-6 GHz.
The LO frequency range: 8-12 GHz.
The Isolation requirement (all 3): 10 dB
Conversion loss: 9-10 dB
LO drive: 13-15 dBm
Input Power Handling: 21 dBm

We cannot recommend to swap RF and LO ports, as various RF performances
parameters would be degraded. For example : The isolations of the port will be
degraded which will impact other RF parameters such as spurious products on the
output of the device. Hence, ADI cannot guarantee the similar RF performance as
mentioned by the specifications in the datasheet. Kindly check with ADI with
parameter description to validate if  RF and LO swapping is possible.