Replacement for HMC710LC5 and HMC757LP4

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I just received EOL notices for two components that we are currently using in
the equipment we manufacture:

HMC710LC5     MMIC IQ upconverter 16-21 GHZ

I need alternatives for these parts that are compatible with our requrements.
Detailed application related spec requirements:

RF Frequency Range: 17.1GHz- 17.3GHz (already mentioned)
LO frequency Range:  8.1 GHz
IF Frequency Range:  900-1100 MHz
Conv. Gain /Conv. Ripple:   Conversion Gain 6-10 dB, Ripple:  +/- .5 dB in the
range 17.1 to 17.3 GHz
SB Rejection: > 20 dB, 23 dB preferred The higher the better :)
1dB Compression: +16 dBm
Isolation requirements (LO-->RF, LO-->IF):  2*LO to RF 16dB  2*LO to IF 16 dB
IP3: 30 dBm

Suggested replacement for the HMC710LC5 is a part that will only be available
Dec 2015 and is listed as HMC7911LP5E in the notice.
Could you send me the preliminary data sheet for this part? It is not available
from your web page as far as I can see.

The listed alternative for HMC757LP4 is HMC498LC4. I have looked at the specs
for the replacement, and while the gain is close, the output power P1dB is
about 3 dB lower for the replacement than the original part HMC757LP4 (+26 dBm)
at our frequencies. I confess though that it is very difficult to read from the
plots in the data sheet the exact values for P1dB.  Could you please tell me
more accurately what the value of P1dB is at 17.2 GHz for the two parts?

Also, is there a better alternative, or is there a better part soon available
that you can suggest? The gain flatness of the HMC757LP4 is also better than
the HMC498LC4.?


PFA advanced product summary (APS) for HMC7911LP5E. This should provide
technical details on performance of this part. 
This part should act as a replacement of HMC710LC5 for 18GHz MW radio
upconverter operation. The part has significantly better performance,
particularly the sideband rejection, conv gain and OIP3.
Please note that the product is not released yet. The information is
confidential and might require an NDA to be signed depending on the customer's
end interest. Please check with the product line for the same.

Regarding your second query regarding P1dB, please find the values below. The
values are for TA = 25C and Freq = 17.2GHz,
HMC757LP4:  ~ 26.08dB
HMC498LC4: ~ 24.85dB

This is the closest alternate we have for HMC757LP4E.