MTBF and max peak input voltage

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1. Do you have the MTBF value for the HMC441LC3B Device?

2. Additionally, do you have the data about the max peak voltage value allowed
for this component?


1. Qualification Test Reports (QTR) for Hittite products are available on their
product pages. Kindly refer to the Quality & Reliability section on the product
page and follow the QTR link. In the following page kindly find the QTR file in
the Semiconductor Process QTR section. Kindly find the link to the
Qualification Test Report for HMC441LC3B below
For your reference I am attaching a screenshot of the Failure Rate below.

2. The max peak voltage for the input is given by the RF Input Power given in
the Absolute Maximum Ratings in the datasheet of the HMC441LC3B. Kindly refer
to the screenshot below.

The RF Input Power is given as P_rf,in = +15 dBm, which corresponds to a signal
power P_sig of 32mW. Kindly refer to the equation below.

P_rf,in = 10 log (P_sig / 1mW) => P_sig =  32mW.

With an 50 Ohm matched input, kindly refer to page 1 of the datasheet, the
resulting rms voltage V_rms amounts to

P = V^2 / R => V_rms = 1.25V, which corresponds to a peak voltage Vp of

Vp =  V_rms / sqrt(2) = 1.778V.