SPICE fundamanetals and basics

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How to learn SPICE basics and fundamentals?


National Instruments simulation engineers recommend the following resources:
1. "The SPICE Book"by Andrei Vladimirescu
            <- A good blend of SPICE syntax and description how it works

2. "Inside SPICE" 2nd edition by Ron M. Kielkowski

3. A good online reference is: http://www.ecircuitcenter.com/AboutSPICE.htm

4. "Semiconductor Device Modeling with SPICE"  by G. Massobrio, Paul
          <-good reference for the details of implementation of various
semiconductor models in SPICE3     
           PSpice, and HSpice

5. "Macromodeling With Spice" by J. A. Connelly (Author), Pyung Choi
            <- a bit outdated but macro-modeling concepts still valid

6. "Switch-Mode Power Supplies Spice Simulations and Practical Designs" by C.
            <- great for advanced macro-modeling, focus obviously on SMPS

7. "Electronic Circuit and System Simulation methods" by T.L Pillage,R.A
Rohrer,and C. Visweswariah    
             <- good book on inner workings of circuit network simulators
(Conductances matrix,
                Newton-raphson, Matrix stamps, etc)

8. EDN How-To Article:

9. Linear Technology Application Note 48:

National Instruments' marketing and support engineers recommend the following
1. Circuit Design Technical Library: http://www.ni.com/white-paper/5579/en
Just look under Concepts & Fundamentals and there are some SPICE topics... as
well as under Simulation and Advanced.

National Instruments' simulation engine is an enhanced parser that can simulate
SPICE, PSPICE, XSPICE and a C-based code modelling syntax.
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