ADUM5000s in parallel and in series connection possible

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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Are ADUM5000s in parallel and in series connection possible? For example:
1. For a +10 V output, can I connect two ADuM5000 outputs in series, each set
to 5 V output to get the 10 volts I need? If yes, do I need to connect them as
master and slave?

2. For a -5V output I need up to 150mA, so he asks to connect two ADuM5000 in
parallel, in master and slave mode. Since output is floating can he connect the
Viso PIN to the floating side ground and get the GNDiso pin as the -5 Volts?


Yes, you can stack the outputs to get 10V. You don't need to configure them in
master/slave mode.

Yes two ADuM5000’s can be run in parallel.  One is set as a master the other as
a slave. The reason this works is that the slave device accepts the PWM control
signal from the master, so there is only one controller driving both parts.
This forces synchronization.

Not all combinations are possible, there is a table of combinations that work
in the data sheet.