EVAL-PRAOPAMP: differential input to single ended-output opamp evaluation board

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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I need an evaluation board of amplifiers with differential input and
single-ended output. Do you offer this?


For our op amps we offer bare universal evaluation boards, called
eval-praopamp. There are several boards available: for single opamps in SC70,
SOIC, SOT-23 and MSOP package; for dual opamps in SOIC, TSSOP or MSOP package;
and for quad opamps in SOIC or TSSOP package.


Each board has its own application note, wherein a schematic of the board is
included. They are included in the product page (link above) in section
“Documentation”. As example, see AN-732 for single opamp evaluation board for
SOIC package. On page 4 in figure 12, the evaluation board schematic is shown.

These boards are not intended to be used with high frequency components or
high-speed amplifiers. However, they provide the user with many combinations
for various circuit types including active filters, differential amplifiers,
and external frequency compensation circuits.

A few examples of application circuits are given in each application note.