ADXRS401: Connection to the charge pump supply

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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The question is that I wonder how to make it work, specially I wonder what to
connect to to the charge pump supply? 5V? 14-16V? I can't find it in the


If a 14-16V supply is not available to drive the resonator, then the charge
pump is used to provide this voltage. The charge pump requires a 5V supply, see
page 8 of the datasheet where it states:

The electrostatic resonator requires 14 V to 16 V for operation. Since only 5 V
is typically available in most applications, a charge pump is included on-chip.
If an external 14 V to 16 V supply is available, the two capacitors on CP1 to
CP4 can be omitted and this supply can be connected to CP5 (Pin 7D) with a 1 µF
decoupling capacitor.