ADXRS150: Mounting the Gyro

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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could you be so kind and send me the mounting procedure for ADXRS150/300 if
exist, please.
My customer does not find this information on the web and he wants to know:
- the temperature of mounting
- the time of this mounting   


If you are hand-soldering the ADXRS300, there are 2 ways:

1) Glue the part to a substrate upside down. Solder thin wires to each of the
leads required. Fairly easy for prototyping.
2) Design a PCB for the gyro with appropriately sized pads - but add a 0.010
inch diameter via to each pad. Place the gyro by hand on the PCB. Move it
around a bit and it will "find" the pads as the balls tend to fall into the via
holes. Then solder from the back side, adding a little solder to the pad. The
solder will wick through the via (capillary action), and solder to the ball.

The soldering temperature profile is the same as for our LCC-8 package (on the
web site, see ref below). It is essentially the same as any standard SMT part.
The BGA package is so small that its thermal time constant is fairly short.