Ultrasonic cleaning impact on iMems

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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 A customer used altra-sound(30w) to clean his PCB board of ADXRS610. He found
that the output of the part is not correct after clean. As he said, there is no
problem on his soldering and ESD. So he doubt that the altrasound maybe impact
the sensor of the part.


Performing an ultra-sonic clean is something that we do not recommend.  These
can be very very bad for MEMs devices
Input-g’s increase as a result of the square of frequency.  For example, 1mm of
displacement at 10Hz results in 4g’s.  however, 1mm of displacement at 100Hz
results in 400g’s!  the frequency increased by a factor of 10, but the g’s
increases by a factor of 100.
An ultrasonic clean will vibrate the device at frequencies over 20kHz.  This
can cause many THOUSANDS of g’s of acceleration, and the customer is likely
breaking the MEMs element as a result.
In short, ultrasonic cleaning is very very bad for MEMs devices!