ADXL362: autosleep mode

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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When I put the ADXL362 in Wake up or Measurement Mode it works fine. But when I
try AUTOSLEEP it doesn't work properly.


The autosleep configuration is active only if linked or loop modes are enabled.
On page 29 in table 13 are Bit Descriptions for ACT_INACT_CTL.
Bit 4 and bit 5 are for LINK/LOOP.  It needs to be 01 for Linked Mode or 11 for
Loop Mode.

Two thoughts:
1.       When you use the Autosleep function, the accelerometer basically
toggles between Wake-Up Mode and normal Measurement Mode based on absence or
presence of motion.

In the Wake-Up Mode, the Activity timer does not function; in other words, the
TIME_ACT setting is ignored, so it appears that the device is more sensitive to

2.       When you use Autosleep, the part clears its own interrupt rather than
waiting for a microcontroller to clear it. It is possible that the perceived
increase in sensitivity is actually because the accelerometer spends more of
its time with a clear interrupt, in a state where it is capable of detecting