Are customers parts close to the ADXL362

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Couldn’t ST and FSL catch up quickly? They seem pretty smart and they pump out
a lot of parts.


We do have some respectable competition in the MEMS industry. However, we did a
few things  to get the ADXL362 to its current consumption levels that we think
make us tough to catch.  For  one, we re-architected every single circuit
block, employing innovative circuit techniques, to run  on as little current as
possible. We counted every nanoamp.

Beyond this, we also had to lower our standby (or leakage) current to 10 nA to
support the ultralow power consumption of all the circuit blocks. The ST
LIS3DH, for example, consumes
500 nA when in standby. It is impossible, with this level of leakage current,
to achieve a 270 nA motion sensing mode, or a 2 uA full-bandwidth