Help with choosing tilt measuring device

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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We wish to purchase a small 3 axis tilt measuring device (gyro, accelerometer,
etc) to measure the inclination of a stylus from the vertical position. This
info will be used by the tablet PC (coupled with nib pressure) to have a smart
stylus which collects user data.  Please can you advise if the ADXL327/337
would be up to reasonably accurate angle sensing (couple of degrees over 1
minute), or if you recommend another device from your portfolio.


The accuracy really depends on your application condition. For your
application, I don't know whether you will test the tilt angle of stylus in
stable condition or motion condition. If in stable condition, an accelerometer
can help, ADXL337 (low cost), ADXL350 (low tempco), ADXL362 (low power) and the
ADXL37x all can be considered. Couple of degrees over 1 minute could be met
with them.

If in motion condition, then accelerometer + gyro is needed. ADI does not have
low cost gyro to cover the application in PC so far.