ADXL321: Long term stability

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What is the long term zero stability of the ADXL321 in vehicle application?
Excitation is 3V, expected product life about 3 years, temp range 0 - 70 deg C.


Null drift due to temperature is the dominant error parameter over time, this
applies to both the ADXL accelerometer and the ADXRS gyro devices. The long
term stability of the ADxRS gyro’s null point (with no temperature variation)
is characterised by an Allen variance of about 75deg/hour.

Our experience is that there is no significant long term drift component for
ADXL accelerometer parameters.

Please note that the sensitivity and zero g bias min/max specifications in the
data sheet are guaranteed over the life of the product.

Therefore, recalibration should not be necessary unless some influence external
to the IC takes place.
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