Access to accelerometer's raw data

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I am currently working with a research lab on an inertial sensor, for the
medical field. The sensor consists of several accelerometers (about twenty).
Our results are very satisfactory, but we want to go further.

To do this, we would like to access raw data from the sensor. We are looking
for an accelerometer providing information on the movement of the movable
frame. Most sensors convert the displacement of the mass
into acceleration, according to an equation like:
x'' (t) + ?x (t) + w ²
x (t) = y

What I am looking for is to be able to access x (t).

Do you have this type of sensor.


The acceleration is actually assessed from the force it generates with the
sensor's inertial mass (Force = mass * acceleration) countered by the force
required to extend the springs. The output is then a direct expression of the
displacement of the mass determined by the interfacial capacitance changes to
the reference (fixed) structures. Dynamically there are countering forces (e.g.
atmosphere damping) and resonances to account for, but for the most part the
voltage reflects the distance as the capacitance is primarily determined by the
distance of the mass to the fixed terminals.