ADXL202: Sperating tilt from vibration

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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We have to measure an anlge in normal road bycicle, so that we use your
accelerometer ADXL202E to calculate the angle. The angle was found correctly,
but when we install the device in the bycicle, the vibration (even in an
asphalt road) is high, so that the angle is not valid during a ride. Now I'm
asking you, if you have any device that can measure an angle and can be
resistent to some vibrations.


While sensitive to both engine vibration and tilt of the bike, you can usually
separate out these two signals in the frequency domain, recognizing that tilt
signals will be close to DC, while engine vibrations will be a few kHz. The
ADXL202 provides you with XFILT and YFILT pins which you can use to adjust the
bandwidth, more sophisticated processing can be done in a micro to implement
higher order filtering.