ADXL203 vs ADXL204 at 3.3V

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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How does the ADXL203 compare to the ADXL204, when powered with 3.3V?


The ADXL204 and the ADXL203 use the same silicon die.
The difference is that the ADXL204 was trimmed AND tested at 3.3V supply.
The ADXL203 was trimmed AND tested at 5V supply.

In the past, we did characterize the ADXL203 at a 3.0V supply (unfortunately
not 3.3V, but if we check 5V and 3V, 3.3V will be somewhere in between).

Key parameters:
* Self-test delta: ADXL203 running at 3.3V meets ADXL204 spec.
* Noise: ADXL203 running at 3.3V meets ADXL204 spec.
* Sensitivity and offset: ADXL203 running at 3.3V shows a slightly wider
distribution than the ADXL204, but still close to spec.

There is a plan to revise the ADXL203 data sheet to add some
information about using the ADXL203 with a 3.3V supply, for previous ADXL204
customers (and for anyone else interested).