adxl202: Distinguish between tilt and acceleration

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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I will plan car inclinometer and I wonder I can measure inclination stability
on the car that when car is moving. Can I measure two axis inclination with


The parts measure acceleration and cannot distinguish between acceleration due
to motion and acceleration due to gravity. In addition, accelerometers for tilt
applications usually measure the acceleration in the horizontal plane as this
gives the best sensitivity. However the cars motion will also give rise to
acceleration in the  horizontal plane.

The way around this is to use software to intelligently separate the
acceleration components which are likely to result from motion, and those which
are likely to result from tilt, using knowledge about the application specific
operating conditions.

ADxL202 has 2 axes of sensitivity, so you can use it to measure pitch (forward
and backwards tilt) and yaw (side to side tilt).