ADuM6400: PCN # 11-0188 typo error

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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PCN # 11-0188 for the ADuM6400 states that the maximum current has been changed
from 500mA to
400mA. I can find no reference to a maximum current of 500mA in the Rev. 0
data sheet?


The PCN # 11-0188 has a typo, there should be a correction posted shortly for
this PCN
The ADuM6400 part is changing from 500mW to 400mW maximum output power.  This
is the rating
for 5V/5V operation. The current in that condition is changing from 100mA to
80mA.  This is due to
thicker polyimide between the power transformer coils.