ADUM5401WCRW vs ADUM5401WCRWZ-1: What is the difference?

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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The ADUM5401WCRWZ is not recommended for new designs. Can you explain the
between ADUM5401WCRW and ADUM5401WCRWZ-1?


The ADuM5401W-1/ADuM5402W-1/ADuM5403W-1 versions of the isolators provide an
upgraded voltage reference to ensure proper startup under all load conditions.

In the original ADuM540xW devices, a minimum load current of 10 mA is
recommended to ensure optimum load regulation. Smaller loads can generate
excess noise on chip due to short or erratic PWM pulses. Excess noise generated
in this way can cause data corruption in some circumstances. This requirement
has been removed in the newer ADuM540xW-1 devices, which are recommended for
new designs.
This is the only difference between the ADuM5401WCRWZ-1 and ADuM5401WCRWZ
For a complete explanation of the startup issues with the original ADuM540xW
devices, please refer to page 22 of the ADuM5401 datasheet.